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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

How many agreements have the Arabs demolished?

Ex-IDF Officer: Bookshelf Full of Agreements'
11:11 Dec 20, '05 / 19 Kislev 5766

) Shimshon Arbel, former IDF officer in charge of Shechem, said on Israel Radio, "The bookshelf is already too full to contain the agreements" with the Palestinian Authority (PA). "There was not a single agreement which we signed...which I can point out and say, 'There! They stood behind it.'"

He also ridiculed the recent accord on re-opening the Rafiah border. "Tons of weapons, of missiles...are being brought in, and we are arguing over whether there will be, or whether there won't be cameras.... What is this nonsense? After all, the entire border can be breached."

Concerning rocket fire on the Negev and southern Ashkelon, he asserted, "We need to close the border from the Gaza Strip to the direction of the State of Israel, a total lockdown, and it does not interest us what could be there."

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