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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Another few things about Kislev and the Geulah

Thanks to Yaak for bringing this update from Hashem1 to my attention.

Hashem1 posted an update to his previous post on Kislev and the Geulah, which I translated below. Unfortunately, because of time constraints, I can only summarize the main points:

Another few things about Kislev and the Geulah.

I only have time for a few points about Kislev, without explanations, that can possibly hint to the future.

  • On the 25th of Kislev, the work for the Tabernacle in the desert was completed, but it was not erected until the first of Nissan.
  • One of the signs that the holy Zohar brings about the coming of the Mashiach (it is even written in one place that on should not expect the Mashiach until this sign arrives) is the appearance of a special rainbow in the sky, with brighter than usual colors . . . (source) . . . In the Book of Our Heritage it is written that the original rainbow was revealed in Kislev . . . (source) . . . The idea of a rainbow was also mentioned by Eli vis-à-vis Chanukah. See this post in English on (“Rainbow will tell the bad non-Jews to run away because Moshiach is here”)
    • The Book of Our Heritage writes that the 25th of Kislev is “a day that is prepared for greatness”.
    • The Ramchal brings an explanation according to kabbalah why Kislev (and also Adar) are months of Geulah:
      (In brief – Y.Y.) The months of the year go according to left right and middle. Nissan – Right; Iyyar – Left, therefore it contains the laws of the omer; Sivan – decisive, therefore it has the giving of the Torah; Tamuz & Av – Right & Left; Elul – decisive. Tishrei Cheshvan – Right & Left; Kislev – decisive, therefore it contained Geulah. Tevet Shvat – Right & Left; Adar – decisive, therefore it contained Geulah . . . .”

      This nevuah, as stated by the novi, took place on 24 Kislev. Note what the great commentator Metzudas Dovid says on verse 2:21 "I will shake the heavens and the earth": Meaning to say that this house will not be established forever because I shake the heavens, as if the stars of the heavens will war against them from their orbits and the kings of the earth will join to come against them.

      These words are especially suitable to the things mentioned earlier in the blog under the heading “Star Wars Soon”

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