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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Are We Witnessing The Breaking Out Of The Klippot?

As is well known, the Geulah is often compared to the sprouting of a seed. The outer shells of a seed are there to protect (and hide) the inner parts of the seed and when the seed begins to germinate the outer shells begin to whither and fall away so that the plant may sprout, grow and mature.  The shells eventually completely rot and disintegrate when their job is done.

If however, for some reason, the outer shells do not wither and fall away at the correct time, the inner part of the seed and eventually the whole seed will die.

So it is with the Geulah, the kedushah of the future kingdom of the Mashiach is initially contained within an entity who’s only purpose is to create an environment for the Kedusha to sprout and grow.  But soon that entity starts to whither and rot in order that the sprout of the Mashiach can shoot forth.

With the creation of the recent new “government” in Israel we have witnessed a great “withering” of the klippah.  When we saw what new destructive policies the new minister of religious affairs, Matan Kahanah (interestingly enough, from the party that was once the Mafdal party), was trying to enact we saw an even further rotting of the klippah. Such that if “germination” does not start soon, it will cause great damage to the seed of Kedusha within.

Sprouting out of the Klippah

These recent events have caused a great new unity between the Chareidim and the Chardalim or the Torani part of the Dati Leumi community. 

The Rav of Be’er Sheva, HaGaon Rav Yehuda Deri, said: “I’m a member of the Moetzes HaRabbanut for already 22 years and it was never so united with Rabbanim from all eidos as it is now. The key of all the ikarei emunah, of all the ikarei Yahadus is the kashrus of foods.”

And a determination and resolve within the Rabbanut to stand against the government.

150 Rabbanim At Unprecedented Asifa: “We Won’t Recognize Giyur, Kashrus Outside Rabbanut”

‘We will not cooperate with dismantling the Chief Rabbinate,'

Dozens of rabbis hold conference decrying government reforms in religious sphere

Are we witnessing the initial breaking out of the unholy Klippah, and the sprouting of the Kedusha?