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Monday, August 26, 2019

Acharit KeReishit

On, in answer to the question "Is Palestine, still occupied by Isreal?", Michael Davison states the following:

. . . So the Arabs of Palestine have refused how many offers for a state of their own? 
1937 Peel Commission; 1939 Woodhead Commission (3 options, all rejected) 1945 Anglo-American Committee; 1947 UNGAR 181, 2000 Barak-Clinton proposal; 2001 Taba proposal; 2008 Olmert Jerusalem proposal. 
Total: NINE proposals for establishing a Palestinian state, rejected by the Palestinians. . .

I have always wondered whether  the arabs refusal of all peace offers corresponds with Paro's refusal to let Bnei Yisrael go.

So far - according to Michael Davison's count - we have 9. Does that mean that there will be one more (rejected) offer of land/"peace" to be immediately followed by Mashiach?

Does the pre-rejection of Trump's plan count as the tenth one?