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Monday, February 13, 2012

UN Condemns Israel for Judaizing the Talmud

In a related item, UNESCO declares Rashi an ancient "Palestinian Islamic Sage".

A special UN rapporteur condemned Israel yesterday for Judaizing the Talmud. "The Judaization of the Talmud is the new frontier of dispossession of the traditional Palestinian Religious and Intellectual Heritage" said Eva Nudnik, a special rapporteur appointed by the United Nations Committee for The Establishment of a Palestinian History.

She accused the government of Israel of collaborating with extremist rabbis in a effort to eradicate any traces of signs of the true Palestinian and Islamic claim to the Talmud. Nudnik was especially annoyed with the Artscroll Schottenstein edition which she said is a devious effort to establish and spread a false Jewish claim to the Talmud.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said on Sunday that the PA will never recognize any Jewish connection to the Talmud.

UNESCO declares Rashi an ancient "Palestinian Islamic Sage".

UNESCO last week declared Rashi to be an ancient Palestinian Islamic sage and called for the establishment of a fund to raze the "Rashi Shul" in Worms, Germany and to erect in its place a Mosque and a Museum in the memory of the ancient Islamic Imam.

Palestinian Minister of Culture, Mr Yahya Yaklef congratulated the UNESCO vote to forbid any Jewish access to Rashi's burial site in Troyes.