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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

A Message from Eliyahu HaNavi to an IDF Soldier

Yeranen Yaakov has a link to an interesting story on

Here is a very quick translation:

We heard in a lecture on Chanukah 5778 by Rabbi Dov Kook of Tiberius, who said that by Purim the war of Gog and Magog will breakout and that this Purim 5778 will be the last Purim before the revelation of Mashiach.

A few days ago, after services, a young student approached his Rabbi in a certain village in Israel and asked if he could tell him about a frightening incident. A true story that happened to a young man a few days before that.

A young soldier got on a bus and sat at the back seat. An old man came to sit next to him. The old man, without knowing him started to speak to him and said: "You should know that the war of Gog and Magog will breakout in Shvat"

The shocked young man asked him "How do you know this", the old man said "It is hard to prove what I know, but in order for you to understand that it is true, you can ask me any question you have about any person you know and I will tell you everything about him".

The young man thought and said to himself I'll ask him about my cousin who is very sick and we'll see what he'll tell me. And he told the old man the name of his cousin.  The old man told him exactly about the difficult situation of his cousin, that she needs divine mercy and everything about her without knowing her.

The old man continued and said that you should know that Hashem hates licentiousness, and that what is going on in the army with male and female soldiers is no secret. That they are committing sins of sexual immorality, and that they are deliberately enlisting females into the army in order to cause the young men to sin and any jobs that female soldiers do in the army can be done by young men.

And also that it is no secret that one of the purposes of the army is to secularize young Israeli men. It will not continue, Hashem hates licentiousness.

He left the young man without another word and got off the bus. The curious young man, who wanted to know where the old man lived, got off the bus after him, and the old man disappeared. They say he merited a revelation of Eliyahu HaNavi of blessed memory.

It is brought in the book "Davar B'ito" (Everything in it's time) about the month of Shvat, that on the 15th of Shvat there will be a full lunar eclipse. It is written in the book "Yalkut Moshe" that a lunar eclipse in the month of Shvat [is a sign of] stringent judgment on most of the world, and that day will be very dark.

We have to wake up, Hashem is dealing with us with great kindness and is sending us faithful messengers that we may merit to wake up and prepare ourselves for the Geulah.

We have a few days left to examine ourselves and to quickly strengthen ourselves and to change our behavior. To swap our tight clothing for modest clothing, for longer and wider skirts, long sleeves, wider shirts that are not so tight.

Every married woman should cover her hair with a modest hair covering, not a foreign wig (foreign wig = foreign woman).

To get rid of our impure devices with forbidden images!!! And are also a Bitul Torah!!! They are unnecessary in a Jewish house .

To maintain our pure speech, to sit and learn Torah, to learn Halachot in order to be a Kosher person.

And to increase acts of kindness, and to judge everyone favorably. We must be Shomer Shabbat KeHilchatah.

May we all merit the revelation of Eliyahu HaNavi who comes to announce the arrival of Mashiach Tzidkeinu.
And may we all merit to be united and receive the Mashiach with great mercy and kindness.

When the Mashiach comes don't say we didn't know and don't say nobody told you. You have enough time to do Teshuvah before Yom Hadin HaNorah.


GoldieZP said...

Crying here! We have had too many tragedies. I have this same message to the women here in Boro Park, Lakewood, Flatbush, etc... PLEASE add my 2 videos to this post. One fire happened across the street from my apsrtment and see what was saved from the ashes and the klausenberger's message to us! FIRE ON SHABBOS

Anonymous said...

AishKodesh said...

Wow. Beautiful post, thank you.

Anonymous said...


Yehudi Yerushalmi said...


Do you mean these videos?

I saw that shiur by Rav Mizrachi

Yehudi Yerushalmi said...

Thanks for the comments

Regarding what I quoted in this post about Shvat, here is an interesting news item about TU B'Shvat:

Norway & the EU to meet on TU B'Shvat to divide Israel

GoldieZP said...

Yes, I have these 2 videos embeded in my post titled Fire on Shabbos. R. Mizrach's video in full should be watched by all Jews. Thanks for posting. Adding you to my blog roll. Happy to have been shownyour blog.

Neshama said...

Because this is so amazing, I have posted about this on my blog, with all the links. This must be spread far and wide to hopefully awaken our brothers and sisters.

Lea said...

I spoke this over all day tday. And one friend reamed me saying no one but Moshiach will tell us and e everyone else is nuvi sheker. Even Eliyahu hanavi wont tell it over. I do t kniw what to believe...anymore...we need a righteous leader now more than ever.

Anonymous said...

what is latest on soldiar

did rabbi kook say moshiach in shevat or addar

Anonymous said...

Leah, if you would at the bottom of the letter it says:
נ.ב. מי שרוצה לשמוע את הסיפור של החייל יכיל לשמוע במקור ראשון בקו של הרב פיש 0772637771 - 025805801 שלוחה 102 להקיש 8 כמה פעמים

P.S. Anyone who wants to hear the story of the soldier will be able to hear the first source in the line of Rabbi Fish 0772637771 - 025805801 Extension 102 Tap 8 several times

Anonymous said...

itss in hebrew

Did any one get in touch Rav kook student,,,about story on Bus
moshiach come shvat and adhar

Anonymous said...

I would say Shvat is the preparation and Adar and Nissan 5778 is the culmination of the this whole process!

Anonymous said...

so Mashiach come in 3 weeks on Purim ??

Rabbi Dov Kook of Tiberius, who said that by Purim the war of Gog and Magog will breakout and that this Purim 5778 will be the last Purim before the revelation of Mashiach.