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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Police State

The secular powers that be always complain that the religious elements in this country are anti-democratic.

But the sad truth that anyone who lives here knows, is that the secular are even more anti-democratic than they claim the religious to be, and their own claims of democracy are just lip service.

And if that were bad enough, they run a brutish and thuggish police state!

At the time of the demonstrations against the expulsion from Gaza for example, the police used to randomly pull religious Jews from public busses "just in case" they were on their way to a demonstration.

They also used to randomly confiscate the drivers license of bus drivers "just to make sure" they would not transport Jews to demonstrations.

Not to mention the terrible police brutality that was used even against little girls.

Now, with all the LIBEL against Jews, accusing them of chopping down arab olive trees, and Olmert giving the orders to "crack down on them", it seems that the police are once again randomly arresting Jews who just happen to possess olive branches.

Jewish Man Found With Olive Branches, Arrested

Friends of the Jewish man arrested in possession of olive branches say the man was simply collecting firewood.

When is this secular tyranny going to end???

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