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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Mass assimilation in Israel too

It is time for the ‘secular Zionists’ to admit failure in maintaining a ‘Jewish homeland’ for the Jews.

As the well known saying in Orthodox circles goes: “Intermarriage does not cause assimilation - assimilation causes intermarriage!”

I saw a very sad headline in Yediot Achronot, today. At least 20 Israeli diplomats have gotten married recently in the countries they have been posted to, to non-Jewish women! In one case, the wife of the Israeli ambassador wore a large crucifix necklace in diplomatic functions. Some of the local Jewish leaders have complained: “It doesn’t look good. Which message is this sending out? If Israeli representatives are marrying Christians, how are we to convince our youths to marry Jews?”

In Tel-Aviv around xmas time, there are a great number of shops and restaurants that have xmas trees.

Young secular Israelis have absolutely no knowledge of Judaism. They are assimilated!

Not only that, one of the stated purposes of the recent attempts to disband the Hesder units in the IDF was to 'secularize' or 'expose to secular culture those who have been raised isolated from it'.

As I commented recently on a post on Israel Perspectives, One of the leading proponents in the IDF for disbanding the hesder units, came out and said BIMFORASH that his purpose for this is for the above mentioned reason.I have several relatives who went into the IDF dati, and came out chiloni.

(Ze’ev then also brought this article about the values that the IDF seeks to inculcate in its soldiers to my attention!)

A secular Jewish State is a contradiction in terms! It is quite clear cannot work, and is failing badly.

Most secular/left-wing no longer even want a Jewish State. Beilin recently proudly adopted the division of Jerusalem as an election platform.

What I commented on that post bears repeating:

If it were not for Jews with a strong commitment to Jewish heritage and values, the State of Israel as we know it, a Zionist homeland for the Jews, would no longer exist. If it would have been established at all!

"Chareidi" Jews were the first ones to "make Aliya", and are the original "Zionists"!

The original secular Zionists only got their commitment to the Land of Israel from their exposure to traditional Jewish values.

The modern secular Israeli whose exposure to anything Jewish has been eroded to nothing, have no "Zionist" values, only post-Zionism remains.

The vast majority of them would not have moved to Israel had they been born in Chutz LaAretz, if they would have been aware of their Jewish identity at all.

It is ironic that the secular Israeli leaders call on the secular Jews from Chu'l to make Aliya in order to save them from assimilation.

The majority of those making Aliyah today from western countries are Jews with a strong connection to Jewish heritage!

Compare the way the (so called 'anti-Zionist') Chareidi Torah outreach institutions are always defending the State of Israel against anti-Israel propaganda, to secular "Zionistic" institutions who cannot attack Israel enough!


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