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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Vilna Gaon in Even Shleimah: Bitachon & Histapchut 2

Vilna Gaon in Even Shleimah(Chapter 3 pt. 2)

All sins and transgressions stem from acquisitive desire (the desire for material gain) {1}. On the other hand, contentment - Histapchut, which is the foundation for keeping the whole Torah, means to faithfully believe that there is no need to worry about what tomorrow will bring {2}. The man who is steadfast in his confidence in G-D, even though he commits severe sins, is better than the man who is insecure (one who lacks Bitachon). For as a result of his insecurity, the latter comes to jealousy and hatred, {3} despite the fact that he studies Torah and helps others - which he does solely to acquire a good name.

{1} Pesikta Rabati 22:9 30:5

{2} This is only possible if a person is content and happy with what he has, thanking G-D for all, and therefore has no reason to worry.

{3} The man who feels secure has no reason to be jealous, for he believes that what others have in no way limits what G-D gives him.

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